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This, then, is the nuanced approach seen in later letters to Ann Landers and her ilk, as the electronic form of communication is ignored to focus on the personal relationships and difficulties that may have led to an affair.

It focuses primarily on the Internet and the mobile phone, both technologies that seem to blur traditional boundaries by which we have understood communication.

The distinctions between communicating with one and communicating with many are lost, a strict sense of privacy and publicity is blurred, and the ability to extend communication across space and time in new ways shapes the forms of communication seen in digital media.

This book is part of the Polity Press Digital Media and Society series ( which aims to make current thinking on digital media accessible to a broad audience. The chapters build upon one another conceptually, though the detailed index makes it possible to navigate the book more topically.

Overall, Baym offers an overview of online communications research, providing a road map from which students, scholars, and other interested readers could further explore this diverse literature.

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Opposed to technological determinism is the social constructivist perspective, which views the uses of new technologies as the outcomes of social factors.

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