In this powerful FREE 2-day “Heartfelt Relationships” workshop, you will: Finding a suitable partner was something I had struggled with and I can honestly say that Robert’s work has been the biggest key to attracting a loving and passionate relationship into my life.I’ve been with my partner Alex for nearly 7 years now and I’m so grateful to have come across Robert’s workshop.Robert Kirby’s mission is to help people to let go of their past, unlock their inner brilliance and be the leader of their lives in every area- whether it be in love, work, business or family.

An expert in mind-body integration, Robert works with a number of different healing modalities such as Core Energetics, Bioenergetics, voice dialogue and constellations, to help people to smash through their self-limiting beliefs, live from the heart, and embrace their innate greatness.

When Robert Kirby came to teach at my school I saw again how much he knows and the unique style with which he brings forth his knowledge.

Don’t miss a meeting with Robert, you will most certainly be changed by it!

Robert Kirby is one of finest personal development experts in the world.

Since 1993, in both the US and Australia, I have witnessed his students step from the shadows of mediocrity into the brilliance of their true potential.

Robert used techniques that led me to release beliefs, emotions, and feelings that were at the core of my Crohn’s disease.

With his help I healed from a disease that I had been told repeatedly was incurable.

If you’re single, this workshop will help you heal the pain from past relationships and teach you how to open your heart so that you attract your intellectual and emotional match.

If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll get the tools to re-ignite the passion, connection and intimacy with your partner.

This is Robert’s most popular workshop and it’s free- not to be missed!

Whether you’re single and searching for love, or in a long-term relationship and wanting to rekindle the connection, opening your heart to deep, passionate love starts with YOU.