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Of some note, you cannot do a heat-load calculation to size the replacement steamer either. The size and combined EDR (the amount of radiation) of the existing radiation and connected piping is all the boiler will “see.” It will not care about heat loads in the dead of winter.

The steamer will make steam based on what is physically connected to it, not how well the house is insulated, or the window and door improvements since the structure was built back in the first half of the last century; just what is connected to the piping.

To determine the correct replacement steamer, ask your steam boiler wholesaler for a booklet that provides EDR data on various forms of radiation.

This essential booklet describes the EDR ratings of almost every steam radiator.

Like the pressuretrol, the LWCO is an on-off switch, installed to prevent the boiler from firing when low on water.

Millions of homes are still heated by this comfortable heating form.

EDR (equivalent direct radiation) is still used as a sizing method with steam.

Within these three pressure-related divisions, many subforms exist, e.g., vapor vacuum, two-pipe, etc.Since virtually all typical steam systems were designed by widely accepted engineering practices of 100 or more years ago, the settings of the pressuretrol are critical to many factors of safe and satisfactory operation.Among the more obvious items impacted by how we set the pressuretrol are overall occupant comfort, responsiveness, operation of the heating system, noise (both hissing and water hammer/banging), fuel economy, and system life cycles.In fact, much of the heating resulting from steam radiators is radiant, not convected! It is recommended to never size a replacement steamer using the existing boiler size as the basis.Many times domestic hot water production came off the original sizing - making it much larger than necessary.

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The pressuretrol has a small diaphragm at the base connected to an internal switch.