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How no one recognised him when he pulled into the West London filling station day after day is remarkable. She would slip out of her overalls, tell her friend she was finishing her shift, and run round to sneak into the red-leather luxury of the passenger seat. The teenager who jumped to his side was Carol Costa.

Soon, as their relationship grew stronger, she would be afforded a unique place in the intriguing personal life of someone who was then Britain's biggest young star.

He drove a big red American convertible in those days, a flashy Ford Thunderbird with whitewall tyres and masses of gleaming chrome.

His hair was slicked back in that familiar rock 'n' roll quiff, and he usually hid behind dark glasses and an upturned collar.

He became a Christmas favourite in households across the country after his 1988 number one Mistletoe and Wine and by 1989 he had become the first British artist to release 100 singles.

An avid tennis fan, he is a regular at Wimbledon and in 1996 even entertained the crowds on court after rain stopped play.

Nor has the singer himself shed much light on the years he knew her, first as the 17-year-old girlfriend of Shadows guitarist Jet Harris, whom she married and divorced; next as his secret lover.

In his recent biography, all Sir Cliff reveals about the alluring young blonde to whom he lost his virginity is contained within seven paragraphs.

The thought that she might later have become Lady Richard to the knighted star makes her laugh now. Everything we said made me believe we'd spend our lives together.' Carol first met Cliff in 1958 when she chaperoned her younger sister at a concert in London's Chiswick Empire.

But back then she believed they would marry and have children. Jet Harris spotted them sipping Coca-Cola in the bar and took an instant shine to the dyed blonde, as she was then, and her Brigitte Bardot pout. Backstage next night, he introduced her to Cliff, then an unknown teenager called Harry Webb and the 'new boy' with The Drifters before they became Cliff & The Shadows.

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