The reality is, when a man is “dating”, he’s simply enjoying the connection you have in the present moment. He’s not wondering “what it all means”, and what you should call what you have. When you as a woman suddenly show up will all kinds of thoughts, questions, expecations or FEARS about your “relationship”…

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” But weeks or months later, all the old familiar problems start up. Many women often find themselves repeating the same types of problems or attracting the same kind of man and experiencing the same kind of heartbreak over and over.

Or you feel like he’s controlling you all the time, or maybe the opposite – he’s too passive and “boring.” Or you can’t seem to get through to him no matter what you say or do.

Look down this list of 5 Types of Bad Relationships and tell me, do you recognize yourself in any of these?

” This sets off a man’s “Clingy Radar” and is a BIG WARNING SIGN to a man in the early stages. Because it makes him feel that you’re desperate to have a relationship and that before you’ve even had time to get to know each other you NEED him in an uncomfortable way.

Nothing could be a bigger turn off to a man when this happens too early on. Have you ever, or are you currently making this mistake?

It’s as big a turn off for a man as it is for you to have a man EXPECT to have sex with you just because you went out on a date. If so, you need to know that simply meeting the right guy is only HALF the story.

You also need to know how to create the kind of experiences with him, and what to DO and SAY so he’ll feel a DEEP level of ATTRACTION for you, to where he’ll start thinking and wondering about your future ON HIS OWN.

When you’ve made up your mind about a man, when in fact you don’t really know him that well yet…

and he hasn’t even had time to get to know his own feelings well enough to be thinking “relationship” with you…

and then you start talking and acting in ways as though he’s OBLIGATED to be your boyfriend… A man wants to WANT a woman because of the way he FEELS when he’s with her.

He doesn’t want a woman who tells him how he should feel, and who acts like she’s entitled to a committed relationship after a few great dates, or because you’ve both chosen to get physical.