Christian singles dating events

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We aim to create a truly unique dating experience for Christian singles Washington DC.

Those who attend will be able to enjoy the friendly, easy conversation with a member of the opposite sex in a relaxed setting.

You can meet Christian singles and instantly know which ones you are compatible with.

After the dating portion ends, both the men and women will be able to enjoy a night of mixing and mingling at a fully-equipped cash bar.

Meeting Christian singles Washington DC has never been easier.

Professionals in the City, an organization dedicated to fostering efficient and quick speed dating events, has put together a night for Christians of all denominations.

You will be able to hear yourself talk, as well as your companion.Some cities schedule more themed events than others.Regardless of an event's theme (or lack thereof as most of our events are unthemed speed dating events), Pre-Dating does not exclude people interested in attending a particular event who do not fit into the event theme, although it does reserve the right to limit attendance in order to ensure a quality experience for others attending an event especially those that may have a particular expectation of who will be attending.Speed dating is meant to remove all of the blocks that traditional dating faces.How can that work when the context itself impedes the process?

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Previous attendees might be worried that the environment, which is typically fast and hectic, might be too much for our targeted audience.

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