art directed by Fogg“Joy to the World 08” – Our symbol for an Australian Christmas – The Christmas Tree of Light – Sydney, Australia (i) a Christian celebration, (ii) a time for family to come together sharing food and gifts and (iii) when an evergreen tree is a symbol of hope during the northern winter and a symbol of fun in the sun down under.“The most stimulating art event of the season may well be the Environmental Happening arranged by Roger Foley, Vivienne Binns and Ellis D Fogg in the upper room of Watters’ Gallery…

“ The face of Luna Park projected on Hyde Park Barracks” MONUMENT Magazine, May 1996 “ Architectural and Festival lighting”, CONNECTIONS Lighting Magazine, June 1997 “Mr Fogg’s Music Hall” Programme and Futurist Manifesto, March 2001, SONGLINES FESTIVAL-The Blue Mountains: Programme ENTECH AWARD for Lighting Design / Architectural Theming, 1997 BEST FLOAT AWARD, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 1989.

GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Received two grants from the then Australian Council for the Arts for experimental theatre work. Google: Fogg Productions Pty Ltd Australia Wikipedia: Ellis D Fogg Note to those who refer to Fogg in the past tense…

he is alive and still doing it better and is more focussed and focused than ever. FOGG’s QUANTUM LECTURE – Seven aspects of Light – in Futurist style for Screensound- The National Film and Sound Archive-Australia:

Artist: Light, Lightshows and Lumino Kinetic Sculpture Producer: (Design & Construction) Architectural Theming, Festivals & Events.

Director: Fogg Productions Pty Ltd Also known as: Ellis D Fogg, Mr.

Fogg “The title of this art exhibition – Racism and Reconciliation – will indeed go a long way in establishing friendship between our two countries.

And yes you’re right, art and the feelings artists bring out with their works will certainly help in bringing our countries together.” 3 x ‘LIGHT’ Maquettes – Gallery de l’Ordure – Lawson, 2008 Gaadmungungardi – Light and sound for the private, indigenous and sacred KALACC FESTIVAL 2008 – for the Arnbarda Community at old Mt Barnett Station, Gibb River Road, The Kimberley, Western Australia.

Art & Deal, Contemporary Art Magazine, India, Issue #31, Soundbytes from Australia.

indeterminate & ephemeral Fogg Sculpture movie by Dhiraj Singh Christa Hughes sings ‘good luck’ at Hazelhurst Diwali Lightshow at Saikripa Childrens Home, Noida, India 2009, with comments by viewers.