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Chan marshall dating

chan: I am cause I got to do things, I got to direct it a little. tonight’s a full moon, and on the radio they said “it’s a traveler’s moon.” other things like, I was at a friend of mine’s house and she was reading my palms, and I was like “when am I gonna fall in love? ” she read my friends’ first, and hers were “this guy really likes you, you’re hanging out with him, you don’t know if you like him, there’s this other guy, he really likes you,” that was going on with her. “the first time ever I saw your face” [sings] — I like her voice a lot, roberta flack.

” chan: well, I can’t wait to see tower recordings tonight, I’ve never seen them. I gotta go down the list: fuck, loren mazzacane, of course the blues explosion, well anybody on matador’s my favorite band. chan: I used to, when people would make fun of me when I first met them.

it seems like everyone I talk to I’m always saying “I’m sorry” to cause inside my head I’m thinking I’m going insane and I can’t really express that so I just say I’m sorry.

what I really want to say is “I have to go I have to go cause I can’t concentrate.” in new york there’s so many people; if I lived in a smaller town, there wouldn’t be that many people.

chan: she’s hysterical cause she’s telling the truth. I was making one chord the whole time and singing “no no no no no.” chan: piano. slide guitar, like even anything, even just playing with a bottle, I can’t do that.

she’s hysterical cause she’s seeing something that you’re not seeing. a friend of mine gave me one of those silver things, I’ve since given it away but just cause someone wanted to borrow it but he hasn’t given it back to me.

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totally sparse place; the beds were made really tight, there was no dust anywhere, and just a chair and a couch. when you get to that age, you don’t have anything else to do, so your environment is how you live. then when I was in 7th grade — before I moved back with my father in atlanta — i went and visited him one summer, and I got a phone call, and my father has been playing music since I was born, so he always works at night till 4am or whatever. four times that I’ve recorded; the first time was when god is my co-pilot put out that single — that was “oh, they want to record us this weekend,” “ok, meet you there,” “ok bye.” show up at , ok, hey sharon hey craig, it sounded like shit, never having a soundcheck, never knowing what a good sound was. but I didn’t know that the other songs were going to be used for steve’s record. the memphis record was me being really insane cause I had to record, then go see my family cause I wanted to see my sister’s son, then play south by southwest, then go to see my best friend in atlanta, then go on tour with truman’s water, then live in portland. the music business is what makes me hate playing music.

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