I’m fairly certain that when they end up having to settle the inevitable lawsuits that they will go out of business.One other thing the hackers exposed is that most of the female profiles on the site are fake. Ashley Madison always contended that the numbers were almost equal.

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The names, addresses, and credit card information for 32 million users of the site was released.

Oh, and also their e-mail addresses and their profiles of what they wanted.

It is going to take a long time to go through everything because, well it is 32 million names but so far the first pass has yielded 15,000 e-mail addresses that end with or The hackers gave Ashley Madison a deadline to pay some money and they didn’t.

They really focused on the fact that Ashley Madison charged an extra $19 a month to delete all personal information, but just pocketed the money without doing anything.

PHOTOS: Biggest celeb splits of 2014 The hosts asked Crawford whether he was still dating "the hot chick." The actor, 28, responded, "Ah, no. When asked what qualities he looks for in a potential mate, Crawford told Pop Sugar in April 2012, "I love a girl who's really spontaneous, someone who's up for going on a camping trip, or concert or sporting event." PHOTOS: Chace and Ed, plus more celebrity bromances With his love life on a temporary hiatus, Crawford said his main focus is currently his film career, including roles in .

totally good," Crawford said of the split, adding that it was amicable. At the time, a source told Us Weekly that the good-looking pair didn't have "anything serious" going on between them. moments from Gossip Girl Crawford has previously been linked to stars like Ashley Greene and Carrie Underwood. The heartthrob, who played Nathaniel Archibald on the popular show (costarring Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and more), was first spotted cozying up to Goulding, 27, at a Knicks game in March 2013.May 31, 2016 This A+ list singer has fired two directors in charge of her live concert footage.Each one dared to show up on the big screen angles our A+ lister found unflattering.She didn’t give either one of them a second chance. The hackers who managed to gain access to all the records that Ashley Madison said they didn’t keep released it all yesterday.