Regards, aceresearcher Here's a comma-delimited text version of the list: IATA code, City, State / Province / Region or other info, Country ----------------------------------------------------------------- AAA, Anaa,, French Polynesia, AAB, Arrabury, Queensland, Australia, AAC, Al Arish,, Egypt, AAE, Annaba,, Algeria, El Mellah AAF, Apalachicola, FL, USA, Apalachicola Municipal Airport AAH, Aachen,, Germany, AAI, Arraias, GO, Brazil, AAJ, Awaradam,, Suriname, AAK, Aranuka,, Kiribati, AAL, Aalborg,, Denmark, AAM, Mala Mala,, South Africa, AAN, Al Ain,, United Arab Emirates, AAO, Anaco,, Venezuela, AAP, Houston, TX, USA, Andrau Airpark AAQ, Anapa,, Russia, AAR, Aarhus,, Denmark, Tirstrup AAS, Apalapsili, New Guinea, Indonesia, AAT, Altay,, China, AAU, Asau,, Western Samoa, AAV, Alah,, Philippines, AAX, Araxa, MG, Brazil, AAY, Al Ghaydah,, Yemen, ABA, Abakan, Khakassia, Russia, ABB, Abingdon, England, United Kingdom, Abingdon RAF Station ABD, Abadan,, Iran, ABE, Allentown, PA, USA, Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Airport ABF, Abaiang,, Kiribati, ABG, Abingoon, Queensland, Australia, ABH, Alpha, Queensland, Australia, ABI, Abilene, TX, USA, Abilene Regional Airport ABJ, Abidjan,, Ivory Coast, Felix Houphouet Boigny ABK, Kabri Dar,, Ethiopia, ABL, Ambler, AK, USA, Ambler Airport ABM, Cape York, Queensland, Australia, Bamaga ABN, Albina,, Suriname, ABO, Aboisso,, Ivory Coast, ABP, Atkamba,, Papua New Guinea, ABQ, Albuquerque, NM, USA, Albuquerque International Airport ABR, Aberdeen, SD, USA, Aberdeen Regional Airport ABS, Abu Simbel,, Egypt, ABT, Al Baha,, Saudi Arabia, ABU, Atambua,, Indonesia, Haliweni ABV, Abuja,, Nigeria, ABW, Abau,, Papua New Guinea, ABX, Albury, New South Wales, Australia, ABY, Albany, GA, USA, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport ABZ, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, Dyce ACA, Acapulco,, Mexico, General Juan N.

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Russell Field ALY, Alexandria,, Egypt, ALZ, Alitak, AK, USA, Alitak Seaplane Base AMA, Amarillo, TX, USA, Amarillo International Airport AMB, Ambilobe,, Madagascar, AMC, Amchitka,, Chad, AMD, Ahmedabad,, India, AME, Alto Molocue,, Mozambique, AMF, Ama,, Papua New Guinea, AMG, Ambolin,, Papua New Guinea, AMH, Arba Mintch,, Ethiopia, AMI, Mataram,, Indonesia, Selaparang AMJ, Almenara, MG, Brazil, AMK, Durango, CO, USA, Animas Air Park AML, Puerto Armuella,, Panama, AMM, Amman,, Jordan, Queen Alia International AMN, Alma, MI, USA, Gratiot Community Airport AMO, Mao,, Chad, AMP, Ampanihy,, Madagascar, AMQ, Ambon,, Indonesia, Pattimura AMR, Arno,, Marshall Islands, AMS, Amsterdam,, Netherlands, Schiphol AMT, Amata, Northern Territory, Australia, AMU, Amanab,, Papua New Guinea, AMV, Amderma, Arkhangelsk, Russia, AMW, Ames, IA, USA, Ames Municipal Airport AMX, Ammaroo, Northern Territory, Australia, AMY, Ambatomainty,, Madagascar, AMZ, Ardmore,, New Zealand, ANA, Anaheim/Disneyland, CA, USA, ANB, Anniston, AL, USA, Anniston Metropolitan Airport ANC, Anchorage, AK, USA, Anchorage International Airport AND, Anderson, SC, USA, Anderson County Airport ANE, Angers,, France, ANF, Antofagasta,, Chile, Cerro Moreno ANG, Angouleme,, France, ANH, Anuha Island,, Solomon Islands, Anuha Island Resort ANI, Aniak, AK, USA, Aniak Airport ANJ, Zanaga,, Congo, ANK, Ankara,, Turkey, Etimesgut ANL, Andulo,, Angola, ANM, Antalaha,, Madagascar, ANN, Annette, AK, USA, Annette Island Airport ANO, Angoche (Antonio Enes),, Mozambique, ANP, Annapolis, MD, USA, Lee Airport ANQ, Angola, IN, USA, Tri-State Steuben County Airport ANR, Antwerpen (Antwerp),, Belgium, Deurne ANS, Andahuaylas,, Peru, ANU, Antigua (Saint John's), Antigua Island, Antigua and Barbuda, V. Bird International/Coolidge Airport ANV, Anvik, AK, USA, Anvik Airport ANW, Ainsworth, NE, USA, Ainsworth Municipal Airport ANX, Andoya,, Norway, Andoya/Andenes Airport ANY, Anthony, KS, USA, Anthony Municipal Airport ANZ, Angus Downs, Northern Territory, Australia, AOA, Aroa,, Papua New Guinea, AOB, Annanberg,, Papua New Guinea, AOC, Altenburg,, Germany, AOD, Abou Deia,, Chad, AOG, Anshan,, China, AOH, Lima, OH, USA, Lima Allen County Airport AOI, Ancona,, Italy, AOJ, Aomori,, Japan, AOK, Karpathos,, Greece, AOL, Paso de los Libres,, Argentina, AON, Arona,, Papua New Guinea, AOO, Altoona, PA, USA, Altoona-Blair County Airport AOR, Alor Setar,, Malaysia, AOS, Amook, AK, USA, Amook Bay Seaplane Base AOU, Attopeu,, Laos, AOV, Ava, MO, USA, Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport AOW, Hanalei, HI, USA, APA, Denver, CO, USA, Centennial Airport APB, Apolo,, Bolivia, APC, Napa, CA, USA, Napa County Airport APE, San Juan Aposento,, Peru, APF, Naples, FL, USA, Naples Municipal Airport APG, Aberdeen Proving Ground (Aberdeen), MD, USA, Phillips Army Air Field APH, Bowling Green/Fort A. Helena, ASJ, Amami O Shima,, Japan, ASK, Yamoussoukro,, Ivory Coast, ASL, Marshall, TX, USA, Harrison County Airport ASM, Asmara,, Eritrea, Yohannes IV ASN, Talladega, AL, USA, Talladega Municipal Airport ASO, Asosa,, Ethiopia, ASP, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, ASQ, Austin, NV, USA, Austin Airport ASR, Kayseri,, Turkey, AST, Astoria, OR, USA, Astoria Regional Airport ASU, Asuncion,, Paraguay, Presidente Stroessner ASV, Amboseli,, Kenya, ASW, Aswan,, Egypt, ASX, Ashland, WI, USA, John F.

Kennedy Memorial Airport ASY, Ashley, ND, USA, Ashley Municipal Airport ASZ, Asirim,, Papua New Guinea, ATA, Anta,, Peru, ATB, Atbara,, Sudan, ATC, Arthur's Town, Cat, Bahamas, ATD, Atoifi,, Solomon Islands, ATE, Antlers, OK, USA, Antlers Municipal Airport ATF, Ambato,, Ecuador, ATG, Atalaya,, Peru, ATH, Athens (Athinai),, Greece, Hellinikon International Airport ATI, Artigas,, Uruguay, ATJ, Antsirabe,, Madagascar, ATK, Atqasuk, AK, USA, Atqasuk Airport ATL, Atlanta, GA, USA, The William B.

Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport ATM, Altamira, PA, Brazil, ATN, Namatanai,, Papua New Guinea, ATO, Athens/Albany, OH, USA, Ohio University Airport ATP, Aitape,, Papua New Guinea, ATQ, Amritsar,, India, ATR, Atar,, Mauritania, ATS, Artesia, NM, USA, Artesia Municipal Airport ATT, Atmautluak, AK, USA, Atmautluak Airport ATU, Attu Island, AK, USA, Casco Gove Coast Guard Station Airport ATV, Ati,, Chad, ATW, Appleton, WI, USA, Outagamie County Airport ATY, Watertown, SD, USA, Watertown Municipal Airport ATZ, Assiut,, Egypt, AUA, Aruba (Oranjestad),, Aruba, Queen Beatrix International Airport AUC, Arauca,, Colombia, AUD, Augustus Downs, Queensland, Australia, AUE, Aub Rudeis,, Egypt, AUG, Augusta, ME, USA, Augusta State Airport AUH, Abu Dhabi,, United Arab Emirates, Nadia International Airport AUI, Aua,, Papua New Guinea, AUJ, Ambunti,, Papua New Guinea, AUK, Alakanuk, AK, USA, Alakanuk Airport AUL, Aur Atoll,, Marshall Islands, AUM, Austin, MN, USA, Austin Municipal Airport AUN, Auburn, CA, USA, Auburn Municipal Airport AUO, Auburn, AL, USA, Auburn-Opelika Robert G.

I'm looking for a list of all the airport codes and their corresponding cities, countries. As you are probably aware, IATA sells a database of their IATA codes online for a hefty fee ($2,250.00): https://

I understand there are codes for regions, such as LON which represents all the airports in the London area which are four or five if I'm not mistaken. cs_id=9119%2D00&cs_catalog=Publications However, I have located a couple of free on-line databases which can be queried in sections using the first letter of the code, and I have also located a file of roughly 9,500 entries, which I can provide to you in either Text (.txt) or Excel (.xls) format. Regards, aceresearcher Hello Aceresearcher, I saw the IATA offering, I'm currently building a prototype and would be happy to pay the annual fee to be updated and assured I have everything done accurately, though for the sake of the prototype, I would like to get as much data as possible in at least a structured format to allow me to import it. Truth be told, I ended up having to do a lot more reformatting that I expected, and if I had realized that, I probably wouldn't have even started it.

A comma deliminated format or fixed width would do just fine if you'll get me all you can and as much as you can of the available. However, once I have my gotten my teeth into something, I am like a bulldog, so you get to reap the benefit of my tenacity.

:-) When I go commercial, I'll use commercial quality content. ;-) I am delighted to finally have the privilege of providing an Answer for one of our best Customers.

While I found several websites with databases of 2,000-4,000 IATA codes, by far the most extensive list (9,271 codes) I found was through John Cletheroe's USA and Canada Holiday Hints website at: the list on this page is not very large, at the bottom there is a link to a list of "IATA Airport Codes Verified Sep-99" at: that page no longer exists on the Internet, I did find an old copy of it on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine: make no claims about the accuracy of this data, but I believe that it does provide "as much data as possible in at least a structured format to allow" you to import it.

The format I have set up is comma-delimited: IATA code, city, state/province/territory, country, special airport name and the file is here: have also made an Excel spreadsheet available for you at: Strategy airport IATA codes ://