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begins with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson leaving a Circuit City.

It was June 2004, and big-box electronics stores were an unimpeachable part of American life.

With her best friend, Jessica could scold Nick behind his back or talk about life in Los Angeles from a place of authority. and on televisions before we were familiar with her type — returned to MTV in service of Lauren Conrad’s image.

Finally, she had someone to set her up to deliver punch lines and someone who didn’t know any better. It was a new side of Jessica — though, ultimately, Ca Cee was the real revelation. LC’s relationships with Audrina and Heidi were failing, and it seemed like she was constantly pouting, if not crying.

However, the pair reunited early this year for a spoof on coach began dating this brunette beauty (and model) in 2009.

They were headed to Kauai for a friend's wedding and were seen holding hands and chatting up pals together during pre-ceremony festivities.Their scenes were free from the scrutiny that burdened the characters and the show itself — they were natural together.Characters like Ca Cee and Lo have become staples of the reality TV economy, even as the genre has changed.So the show introduced a character to rehabilitate LC’s image.Lo, already enjoying a modest fame of her own, allowed Lauren’s sympathetic side to reemerge.

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  1. All this time, she’d told herself that she didn’t like short men because she simply wasn’t sexually attracted to them; in fact, the real reason she wasn’t attracted to short men was because she had a fixed image in her mind of what a man should look and act like as a result of her upbringing, and she needed the men she seeks out romantically to fit the same exact image of the men in her family. I spend more hours than you’d believe trying to help men and women change the type of person to whom they’re sexually attracted. The first step is to dig deep and ask yourself what in your history makes you attracted to a certain type, as well as what in your history repels you from a certain type.

  2. As each mouse went out, she gave it a little tap with her wand, and the mouse was that moment turned into a fine horse, which altogether made a very fine set of six horses of a beautiful mouse-coloured dapple-grey. “I will go and see,” said Cinderella, “if there is a rat in the rattrap – we may make a coachman of him.” “You’re a smart one,” replied her godmother, “go and look.” Cinderella brought the trap to her, and in it there were three huge rats.