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C rog

Naturally, we won’t be foregoing our usual design and construction as well as display and temperatures examinations.

It will be interesting to see how G501 handles high loads, keeping in mind that it’s 21 mm thin.

We liked the fact that the Power button is also part of that, so the overall interior is kept simplified.

The trackpad is large and doesn’t have dedicated buttons. If you click in the lower right corner, you’ll get a right-click, and if you click anywhere else, your action will be recognized as a left-click.

We doubt you’re going to notice that in everyday use, but, suffice it to say, the lack of this kind of instability would be a good indicator of quality engineering and design.

The keyboard is an island-style one with decent space between the keys, and when you add the 1.6 mm of key travel you get pretty good responsiveness which reduces typing mistakes.

If it weren’t for the ads, Laptop Media wouldn’t be running.The machine will have earned them should it perform well in our temperature tests.G501 has a beautiful aluminum unibody chassis which gives the impression of a high-end model, which, of course, is what ASUS wants G501 to be.NVIDIA and its 900M series is already here to take a load off their backs, and ASUS is among the companies which have decided to take advantage of that.Along with the focus on thin-and-light notebooks, the NVIDIA GPUs have received some performance tweaks, and there is also a battery boost, which we’re going to test.

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ASUS ROG G501 is one of the most eagerly awaited gaming laptops and also a great example of how powerful hardware doesn’t necessarily have to come in a bulky body.

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