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But for some reason, the marriage wasn't legal and neither Nye nor Tindall will say why."We were never married," Nye told Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman.It details both the petty corruptions of power - the cliques that control who plays in orchestras and who doesn't - and the more sordid corruptions of flesh and cash.Blair Tindall tells it how it is - the sex, the drugs, the influence racketeers. Travis Stork, author and co-host of The Doctors, and Blair Tindall, author of the book Mozart in the Jungle which inspired the Amazon TV show of the same name, have in common? I like to bring together celebs The only people who were surprised by the Golden Globe wins for the Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle" and its star, Gael García Bernal, were those who have not watched the steamy, sharp, and witty show about sex, drugs, and symphonic music Jason Schwartzman's memories of childhood trips to classical concerts are filled with trepidation. " These tend to be a common com The allure of Blair Tindall's 2006 non-fiction book "Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs and Classical Music" is right there in the title.

"She apologized but she also says she had emotional problems," Schuchman said.

When "Bill Nye the Science Guy" conducts an experiment, it always seems to have a positive outcome.

But apparently things don't always run that smoothly in his personal life.

Nye says his distraught ex-wife-that-never-was poured a toxic liquid into the garden behind the house they both owned, a substance Tindall later said was weed killer. He says she was "dressed in black and wearing a black hat" and "she fled on foot when I called her name."There was an allegation that Tindall intended to throw poison onto Nye's face or sprinkle it in his eyes.

Tindall filed to have the restraining order lifted claiming that "stress and fatigue" clouded her judgment.

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And, along the way, framing her story, is an unblinking, thoughtful, detailed analysis of the recent difficulties in the symphony, opera and ballet fields and some insights into the current state of musician employment - or, more accurately, non-employment in the recording field.

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