The query classes use a cache manager in combination with integrated options, which improves the speed and efficiency of the query results.

These sample apps are available as files for you to download directly and then import into your IDE.

All of the samples are also available on Git Hub, and you can browse them there or clone the entire repository.

You can find the links to Git Hub at the bottom of this page.

Manage RESTful communication The Maven Artifacts sample shows how to access a RESTful service that responds with JSON data and then displays the results on the screen.

It accesses the Twitter API to display a list of tweets.

View and edit notebook entries The PIM Notebook sample is a notebook app to list, view, edit, and delete the notes available on the device, or create new notes.

To learn more, see Tutorial: Explore the Notebook sample app.

Manage data source for List View The Data Manager sample shows how to use query classes to load data sources into a List View.

Pair devices The Bluetooth SPP Chat sample demonstrates how to use the Bluetooth functionality provided in Black Berry 10.

The user can retrieve information about the Bluetooth adaptor of the local device, list all paired and discovered remote devices, view the services provided by the remote devices, and start a chat session with remote devices using SPP.

Make a call to a pizzeria The Call a Pizza sample allows the user to look up the name and phone number of pizzerias in a certain region of the United States by entering a zip code.