Best books for dating couples

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Best books for dating couples

I believe it’s important to work on your relationship from the very beginning to prevent future problems. Today, I’m sharing with you some great books to help you grow as a couple — whether dating or married.It’s never too early to start strengthening your relationship!— we would take turns being the first to answer the question, but both of us would answer.This book asks questions about chore expectations, future children, fears, beliefs about baptism and communion, pet peeves and more. In fact, as premarital counseling our pastor gave us a long questionnaire to fill out separately and then come together and share our answers.🙂 In fact, I recommend it so much I wrote an entire post about it!We received this book as a wedding present, and it is awesome.When you are aware of what you and your mate’s love language is, it’s much easier to give and receive love.This book gives you specific examples and ideas for showing love in your mate’s language.

In fact, it inspired many of my marriage blog posts.

(Update: After a few years of marriage, Travis and I have both read these books.

We each read our own book, highlighting the parts that really resonated with us.

And if for some reason you get behind (which we did!

), it is really easy to get caught back up because each passage is really short. This book has great insights and includes a Bible verse to go with each day. I will probably use it as a wedding gift for some people I know.

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I loved reading this book and taking in so much knowledge about men, women, and our wacky relationships.