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Conclusions: Doctors used electronic medical records systems for far fewer tasks than the systems supported.What is already known on this topic Electronic information systems in health care have not undergone systematic evaluation, and few comparisons between electronic medical records systems have been made Given the information intensive nature of clinical work, electronic medical records systems should be of help to doctors for most clinical tasks What this study adds Doctors in Norwegian hospitals reported a low level of use of all electronic medical records systems The systems were mainly used for reading patient data, and doctors used the systems for less than half of the tasks for which the systems were functional Analyses of actual use of electronic medical records provide more information than user satisfaction or functionality of such records systems Electronic medical records systems are starting to be used in hospitals throughout Europe.

Of the 208 who answered the question, 47 (23%) were less than 35 years old, 98 (47%) were aged 35-50, and 63 (30%) were aged over 50; 57/197 (29%) were women, and 140 (71%) were men; 123/205 (60%) were consultants, 74 (36%) were registrars, and eight (4%) were senior house officers.

However, the systems were used for only 2–7 of the tasks, mainly associated with reading patient data.

Respondents showed significant differences in frequency of use of the different systems for four tasks for which the systems offered equivalent functionality.

However, there seem to have been few formal evaluations of them, 1 2 possibly because of a lack of established evaluation methods.

3 4 We therefore investigated the usefulness of different systems by comparing their use in general clinical tasks.

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