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It drives her nuts when she hears about him and his dealings with other females whether it be good or bad.

Rih loves him and could see herself with him but he has to get rid of many of his unresolved issues.” We wouldn’t exactly call him threatening to kill Karrueche “unresolved issues.” He made Kae and her friends feel like they were in danger, and even made a video saying he “stalks” his exes and wanted to make them “miserable.” In our opinion, that’s a sign that Chris won’t treat Rih any better than he did when they dated before. Hollywood Lifers, what do you think about Rihanna considering dating Chris again?

Such an unhealthy relationship,” @layshakae_x3 tweeted of Brown and Rihanna’s on/off romance, while @theyloveashh_ added, “Be like Rihanna.

Leave [your] Chris Brown and get with [your] Drake.” “If I was Brown, I’d shed a d*** tear EVERY time I saw Drake & Rihanna perform together,” Twitter user @t CIARAj then joked of Chris.

According to the site, Chris took to Twitter to share a video of his daughter Royalty and an Elmo impersonator listening to Rihanna and Drake’s “Work” during her birthday party, while seemingly hinting at a feud. NO SHADE,” Chris then allegedly captioned the video, where Drake and Rihanna’s duet could be heard playing in the background. LOL.” What do you think of Rihanna’s fans urging her to stay away from Chris Brown amid reports she’s dating Drake?

“Rihanna deserved better than Chris and I’m so glad she has someone as amazing as my baby Drake,” Twitter user @drakegroupie tweeted out of Rihanna and Drake’s romance, which is reportedly getting increasingly serious after the “Hotline Bling” rapper gushed about his rumored girlfriend at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

“Chris and Rihanna don’t need to get back together.

recently claimed that Brown is actually now done with Rihanna for good, and knows that he and his former girlfriend are just too different to ever make a relationship work amid reports she’s been getting seriously close with Drake.

“[Chris] was more laid back and carefree, perhaps a little too young to get so serious in a relationship,” an insider said of Brown and Rihanna’s past dating life, suggesting that Rihanna wanted to get more serious with the “Forever” singer.

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