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Once you do prove worthy, you will have a fiercely loyal, trustworthy, and faithful friend for life...unless you make the stupid and fatal mistake of betraying her. )) [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] ..he stumbles in, mostly intentionaly -- Quicksilver, 03/01/02 Fri (169.2) Name: Arini Carlin Age: 22 Race: Human, more or less Appearence: 6"11', black hair, violet eyes. Class: Mage Please state what your ability is in: legends, particularly about magic. She is an aethist and a heretic, sometimes going out of her way to oppose conventional beliefs and attitudes. Because she would not abandon her beliefs, she was driven out of town after town. (ref: Flamberge ) Name: Celena Age: 23 Race: Half-Elf Appearence: (see picture) Long brown hair with glinting violet eyes Strengths: Has the gift of healing to heal major injuries, knows the herbs to heal common ailments Class: Tradeswoman Ability: Magical Weaknesses: Uh..She will not balk at killing if attacked, betrayed, or taking revenge. Strangth: Ability to call powerful magic Weaknesses: inablity to fully control magic, also phyisicly weak. I've sorta made her into an NPC, but she does not tolerate rudeness which gets on her nerves or people that are nervous of magic..“Los predios allí ubicados son privados, por lo cual no es posible desarrollar acciones de administración y manejo en dicha área.

Ambas respuestas, la de la Secretaría y la alcaldía local, encargadas de proteger estas zonas ambientales, dejan a la deriva el futuro de los pocos frailejones que sobreviven y, más grave aún, no aclaran que vaya a haber un control a las invasiones que siguen proliferando en la zona.El lugar, antes rebosante de frailejones, es ahora la guarida de quienes han quemado y aplastado esta planta, vital para los páramos, con el fin de levantar cambuches de lata.Los frailejones además de ser un ecosistema en sí mismo, en sus diversas especies, cumple funciones.For Advertising & Marketing : Info About Credit: you for Asking Answers.[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Thus called: -Renegade- Cycled Seasons: 16 of age Given birthright: Kitsune - foxspirit Painted as such: A fox standing upon two legs with opposable thumbs on paws, other than that, amber golden fur, whitewashed muzzle, eyes are silver, black tips to tail and ears Tried and Tested: possessing of the long bow and distance weaponry art with great skill, with apparent very well-trained skill with double dagger fighting, good throwing of daggers too, learned in the poison crafts Climbing, hiding, ascending, roofwalking Minior magic skills of blending into the shadows, avoiding notice Reading and writing learnt, speech contains slight accented hiss Pledge me: Rogue Suscribe to school of: Assasinry, the good old way Point of Attack: Cannot sustain a direct frontal sword or axe attack without prior knowledge or defense prepared, dosent like allies, prefers to work alone mostly See within my soul: Very cynical, judgemental sometimes, though confident and self-aware, very diplomatic, isnt impressed by much, very detached Walk down memory lane: Has a past history of assasination, usually works for the highest bidder, has been known to take sides once in a while when he feels amused Of his ownership: Two fighting daggers (silver with amber gem)(similar to ones in picture) Two throwing daggers (plain silver)(smaller)(hidden in special sheaths attached to arms for easy reach) One long bow (ash fringed with amber gold) One quiver of arrows (ash fletched with amber gold) (:. Becoming his favorite slave from then on, her life turned harder than ever. One day, Mowen couldn't take it any more and ran away. Whatever else you want to include: Altough her father was a shapeshifter, she has not yet learned how to change forms.I Pledge Allegiance .:) [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: dubbing=rustykindness trips 'round the sun=13 lore=elvish shifter identification=tall:blonde:steel blue eyes: arcane: powers=speed:eye sight: wit Please choose one of the following as your "class": Warrior, Mage, Tradesmen, Rogue, Jack-of-all-trades... He abused her, practically raping her every time he laid his eyes on her. She felt guilty about leaving her brothers behind but she knew she couldn't take them with her. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Name: Edoered Sevale Age: 22 Race: Human Class? Appearence: A young gentle man, medium build and height, blue eyes and scraggled brown hair.

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La humanidad esta atravesando un momento histórico, debemos actuar YA antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

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