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Michael V.'s two music video segments were inspired by Weird Al Yankovic's parody of hit songs.

The segments - Myusik Tagalog Bersyon (MTB) and Music English Version (MEV) - further boosted the rating. launched in 1998 was a spoof to the religious program, Ang Dating Daan.

They originally intended to quote the Bible, but because of religious sensitivities, they just decided to quote English fairy tales and Tagalog nursery rhymes and make fun of it.

It used the soundtrack from Voltes Five (ChĂ´denji mashin Borutesu Faibu (1977)) as music theme. The first jingle was a rock ditty entitled "Bubble Gang (Just Chew It!

)", which figured prominently in the show's opening billboard (OBB) from 1995-1997. )" was adapted from the Mexican song "La Cucaracha".

The second jingle was a reggae, "Chew (The Bubble Gang Ye! The first version played in the show's OBB from 1997-1999 while the second version (which was played from 1999-2002) removed the reggae beat and changed it into an a cappela performed by Michael V. A second version of the jingle, a candy factory-like sound, is used in the "Bubble Gang" OBB until October 20, 2006.

Today's OBB was a third and current version of "Bubble Gang (Pwede!

)" with a little bit of tune from the first version, the vocals also returned and a little bit of new tunes also added.

All the show's past and present jingles were made by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V.