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The hoard, which was discovered as a tangled ball of metal, includes gold armlets, earrings and rings as well as silver chains and coins.

[more] In this mostly auction game, players compete to build the first transcontinental railroad from the Cape of Good Hope across Africa to the Egyptian capital at Cairo. Card purchase prices are based on their positions on a pyramid and decrease as lower cards are taken.Player must also transfer their cards from their decks to their tombs for them to count.The award is the first honorary PDSA Dickin Medal ever presented in the veterinary charity's 97-year history, in recognition of the bravery of millions of animals that served during the conflict, the reports.The medal was accepted by author and broadcaster Brough Scott MBE, grandson of Warrior's owner and rider, General Jack Seely, at a special ceremony at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) London. Archaeologists have discovered a hoard of jewellery that was hastily buried as Queen Boadicea and her army advanced on Colchester in AD 61.

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The "extremely rare" broadsword belonged to Humphrey De Bohun, a kinsman of William the Conqueror.