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Regular education teachers are especially challenged, if, on top of educating 25-30 regular education children, they are then asked to make these modifications for special education students that suddenly appear in their classroom without much warning or preparation.

Regular education and special education teachers alike are often challenged when asked to make changes for the special learners put into their charge.

Other alternatives might include verbal responses, pointing to correct answers in a multiple choice format, or even drawing mind maps of the material. This area concerns how the student is meaningfully involved in a task.

For example, suppose a student with special needs is included in a chorus class.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to use this contraption alone in my bedroom, in a low stress environment. There are many ways for a student to demonstrate they have a grasp of the material covered in class.

For example, instead of writing longhand, a student might use a computer keyboard.

Possibly this student with special needs can learn the capitals as well but it may take longer or the information presented/tested in smaller chunks. In this case, the child is provided with different instruction and materials to meet their needs.

However, the student's individual goals remain aligned with the curriculum.

For example, an accommodation asked of me was to provide a student with autism in my computer class with an advance organizer. Instead of testing on 20 new spelling words each Friday, consider reducing the requirements to 10 new items.For a long time I had great difficulty learning multiplication and division tables.As a result I "cheated" by using a slide rule type of contraption for multiplication.Soon I learned that I could come up with the answers to division problems by using the device in reverse.After using this device for a several months, I eventually learned my multiplication and division tables through sheer repetition of using this device.

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At first, due to the challenges the student faces it may appear that this is not a good inclusion decision.

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