It is my understanding that in order for someone to be a candidate to donate their organs, they need to be declared "brain dead" by two to three physicians, one of whom, I believe, must be a neurologist.

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He died awaiting a liver transplant to replace the one that was ravaged by Hepatitis C.

He was diagnosed six years earlier when we volunteered to be tested as bone marrow donors for a child in our community with Leukemia.

Each year, thousands of people die, primarily because fearful potential donors don't take that step, to do a mitzvah to save a life.

Our Sages teach that "He who saves one life, saves the entire world." I believe that God wants us to be lifesavers; to be His hands, eyes and hearts here on Earth.

I have spoken with donor families who tell me that in the donation of their loved ones' organs, they experience a sense of healing that far surpasses what they would have otherwise.

It is of great comfort to know that a part of someone they treasure, lives and loves on in someone else.

What is the halachic (Jewish legal) definition of death?

All of the organs have a time limit for safe and effective use, but what does Halachic law say about use of 'extraordinary measures' to maintain life for life's sake?

For example, if there is no chance for recovery (end-stage cancer) and a ventilator or feeding tube serves only to prolong someone's death?