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"He was kneeling on me saying, ' Trust me,' holding the knife to my stomach…. " screamed John."Don't say that," begged Mark.

There was blood coming out." Somehow or other, the boy added, he found himself dragged once again to his feet, then the knife plunged back in. "Don't let that be the last thing you are saying."And so John crumpled, a drained, pallid figure muted forever, he thought, by the tall, light-haired boy he considered "perfect" and "out of my league."Minutes passed, perhaps as many as 20.

Kastas, the 17-year-old Lithuanian sent to chaperone her, was good company on the plane when they left two days later. Lina kept saying that everything would be all right. A Lithuanian girl met them in a bar and Elena was ordered to go with her to a house in Yardley."She was called Reda. They had been in the club for four hours when Elena asked to go to the toilet.

Once they had passed through Customs at Heathrow he asked her for her passport. They were soon joined by two other members of the gang, Shaban Maka and Ilir Barjami, and Maka's Lithuanian girlfriend, Lina Yunel. Elena remembers that the journey took about 45 minutes and ended with them pulling up outside a bar. A dark, thick-set man called Bledi was taking the most interest in her. Once satisfied, he handed over the girl's passport. At first I felt relieved that she was from my own country."But the house she took me to was where girls work with men. She told me that clients would come and I was to go with them upstairs."I wanted to run but I couldn't. Barjami followed, waiting outside."I was crying because I wanted to run away,'' she recalls.

At the time of the stabbing the alley led nowhere; it was cut off by a 40-foot drop.

She has confided in no one but her sister."I try to forget,'' she says.

"But sometimes I have nightmares about it.''She has had no boyfriend since returning to Lithuania. "Maybe,'' she says, but the word, spoken in English, is laden with doubt.

Elena's nightmare began with a call to a friend's mobile phone in her home town of Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital. They came away an hour later feeling both reassured and excited. Half went to the manager, the other half she was told to keep for Bledi. At the end of the week he set her to work in a sauna in Leicester. The most brutal of all was John, a man who raped her repeatedly. But then came the warning: "If you run away from him, I'll kill you.''Elena had no reason to doubt him, since Maka had already boasted of committing two murders in Britain.

The two girls had been sitting chatting when the phone rang. Sonja backed out of the trip but Elena persuaded her parents to sign the document allowing her to leave Lithuania unaccompanied. He was too strong for me to fight off."Afterwards I tried to think of other things. I wanted to die.''The next day Bledi drove her to Birmingham. She lasted five hours and a single "trick" before deciding to run away. When she appealed to Lina for help, the woman merely shouted at her. Barjami, who paid £1,500 for the girl, made her his prisoner, raping her up to three times a day at his flat in Park Hill, Sheffield. That night he took her to the Kingdom club to parade her in front of his friends.

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I ran till I was out of breath and couldn't run anymore.

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