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Under the law, private parts include a person’s genital or anal area (even when covered by undies, in some cases).

Private activities normally include things like undressing, using the toilet, showering or bathing, or doing a sexual act in a place where a typical person would expect privacy.

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The laws ban things like “upskirting” (snapping a photo up somebody’s skirt without their permission) and setting up cameras in changing rooms or bedrooms.

The maximum penalty for these crimes is 1 to 5 years in jail depending on the state or territory you live in.

This kind of image is called “child pornography” or “child exploitation material”, and is illegal even if the person in the image says it’s ok. If you’re under 18 and accused of taking (or having/sending) this kind of image, the law does offer you some protection—the federal police must get special permission before you can be found guilty of breaking national child pornography laws.

The local police do NOT need to get this permission before charging you under similar state and territory laws, so be sure to check out the laws that apply to you on Lawstuff.

I'm nervous when meeting people so please be patient and understanding. We would like to try new things and we are both open to almost anything.... Expect to be treated as a lady at all times, like o...Private property is a space where the owner can set rules or restrict entry.This includes homes, shops, sport and performance venues, museums and galleries, schools and similar places.Asking for, taking, posting or sending a nude/sexy image of a young person can also be illegal if it’s considered “indecent”.Usually, something is considered “indecent” if it is sexual in a way that the average person finds offensive.

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