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This credit allows adoptive parents of children in foster care to claim adoption expenses from their federal taxes—such as necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, traveling expenses (including meals and lodging while away from home)—or receive a full credit (which varies by year) without itemizing when adopting a child who qualifies as having “special needs.” Please note that the adoption tax credit is not a refundable credit.

Taxpayers can only receive the credit if they have federal income tax liability.

Are there age restrictions on adopting from foster care? Can I adopt from US foster care if I am in the military or live overseas? Families living outside of the United States can adopt from US foster care.

Military families stationed overseas and within the US are eligible to adopt children from the US foster care system.

Find more information about adopting Native American children.

Child Welfare Information Gateway has a great list of resources for adoptive parents on: Are there support groups for parents who adopt? Parent support groups provide the opportunity to network, share, and learn from other adoptive parents who are experiencing or have experienced the same things as you.

That is the situation facing thousands of young people who face aging out of foster care alone every year.

These teens need support, guidance, and family now and for the rest of their lives. Research suggests that siblings placed together experience lower risk of failed placements, fewer moves, and many emotional benefits.

Is help with respite care available for adopted children?

There may be a program to provide respite care—the short-term care of a child in order to give the regular caregiver a break—in your area. Find state-specific information, including a list of adoption agencies, on our website, call our foster care and adoption resource specialists at 888-200-4005, or request to be contacted by an adoption professional in your state. On average, the process can take from four to twelve months from your first contact with your selected agency. The majority of children in care are ultimately adopted by their foster parents.

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Use Child Welfare Information Gateway’s National Foster Care and Adoption Directory to search for parent support groups near you.