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" Second Life has been labeled "an emerging online society" for a reason: The possibilities within this 3-D framework are open-ended and therefore difficult to articulate."I say SL is a mash-up of My Space, Friendster, all these social-networking community sites," says David Fleck, Linden Lab's vice president of marketing.She says they earn her between ,000 and ,000 weekly in the fluctuating fictional currency, which as of last Tuesday was trading at approximately 8 Lindens to every US dollar.On average, that grosses Falco a real-world income of between USD 2 and USD 7 every seven days, the equivalent of a part-time job.Beyond that, Second Life is markedly different from its metaverse counterparts.

But that's where I find myself on a Tuesday afternoon with a skater girl named Tripper Tapioca.

"It took a couple of e-mails to explain even to publicity what this actually was," says Ethan Kaplan, director of technology at WBR, who was originally a beta-tester for Second Life and helped oversee the Regina Spektor project.

"Still, they're like, 'You mean people spend all their time in a virtual world and they're spending real money?

It is often likened to the 6-million-plus member Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) World of Warcraft (a fantasy role-playing challenge involving elves, orcs and monster-slaying).

The main similarity between the two 3-D realms is that the animated figures featured in both aren't preprogrammed; they're powered by people logged on to the same network.

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'" Yes, they are: During June, $5.3 million exchanged hands among residents in Second Life.

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