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donnaedmondson : Well, I thought about it, and Playboy asked me for the Revisited when they were doing them. moderator : There will be a short delay..were on a cell phone with Donna while she was driving home from the doctor's office. My friend and I would sneak in his dad's bedroom and look at the Playboy magazine. pbcollector : I see you're not on the list to attend the Chicago Glamourcon, is there a chance you will make it to the Chicago show? I don't like to fly, and that is the reason why I am going to Atlanta so I can drive. donnaedmondson : Well, it really isn't true anymore, so I think they can get rid of that question! The trampoline was the most fun in the video shoot.

donnaedmondson : I don't know, maybe my dad invented it! moderator : We will have three more questions for Donna tonight. Other possibilities: There is a Japanese version of the [email protected]: 40 Years book. I make all that heart-stopping food, ya know all that high cholesterol food. My husband always yells at me about making this, he's always like, Where is the salad? donnaedmondson : I just had my third child, and I am done. I used to say I wanted six kids, but three are just perfect! I will have that to sell, along with some preexisting pictures that fans haven't seen. You know when you are 20 and posing, you just don't think about, "What am I going to tell my children someday." I will just explain to them that I am their mommy, and this is what I did before I was their mommy! I had never modeled before, so I was concentrating on doing a really great job! After the first shoot, I sort of got my hopes up that it wasn't going to be that bad, because the first shoot went so well. It is hard to believe that it was 12 years ago, it seems like yesterday! robert0259 : Did we help ease your pain with this chat? :-( We have asked other Playmates this children question, and every one of them whose children know, are very proud of their mothers or really don't care. Me and Marlene are email buddies, if you see her tell her Joe said hi -- she will flip. graydrake : Donna, I'll be glad to drive you to Chicago. I'll write Playboy and tell them to start up the Revisiteds again, and to feature Donna Edmondson in the first one. From her hi res gatefold I took a few screenshots showing it clearly. I think that I will be in her care --especially,right shot--a lot in the future too. When the time is right, we will sit down and talk to him. I think it has gotten bigger as I have gotten older. I think by the time I'm 80 it might be down by my chin. It is nice to hear that you are still interested in us older Playmates. I hope you get over your fear too, the Chicago shows are the only shows I get to attend. robert0259: Donna, take care of yourself...please chat again! Thank you for remembering me after all these years. In the above chats and in her video centerfold she spoke about a scar on her chin. Lustful treat may have made bruise on her creamy breast.[Donna has a big following on VEF, and some of these questions are really good, so I'm reluctant to edit any of this. - AD] moderator : Let's welcome Donna Edmondson to this evening's chat! I had to take my son to the doctor, and he has scarlet fever! So you guys need to get on the ball and let them know that you are interested in seeing some of us older girls.

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donnaedmondson : No, I really, honestly did lose that in the ocean. donnaedmondson : When I was little my neighbor had a trampoline. They got a divorce the year after my husband and I got married. I called you "the ultimate Playmate" and I believe it still holds true. It's always great to learn that a playmate from the past is happy and doing well. donnaedmondson : Thanks for being here tonight and for supporting Playboy. I hope to chat with you guys soon and please write to me I would love to hear from you. donnaedmondson : waves goodbye donnaedmondson : smiles moderator : Goodnight Donna and thank you for participating in tonight's live chat!

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