Piss chat cam

Posted by / 19-May-2018 09:00

There's a whole subset of setiquette that's hard to master: how to act around talent.

That’s a pretty standard procedure, but is generally done before a scene is even shot during setup.As a result, you end up learning the hard way by picking up some juicer’s cable or pushing a dolly a few feet and getting reamed. And when you’re first starting out, you can get away with that for awhile.You make a lot of mistakes, learn from them, and then laugh about them later over some drinks. But then there’s a whole other subset of etiquette that’s harder to master: how to act around talent.Whether you use Skype, i Chat, or another platform, most of them show you a tiny thumbnail of yourself in the corner during the chat.No matter how many times I consciously try not to look at it, my eyes always drift back and I end up watching myself instead of the person I’m talking to.

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