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It might seem paradoxical, but outlawing sex-selective abortion arguably gives women from disadvantaged backgrounds far greater reproductive freedom.

Opposition to a ban would have to originate from the premises that a) abortion should in all circumstances be legal and the decision free from literally any social stigma and that b) the provider should not show any interest in the motives of their patient.

My partner and I sped past well-trodden Negombo and Kandy, past trenches, commando jungle bases and cows dozing on the hard shoulder.

Our destination was the north-eastern harbour of Trincomalee.

Thousands of people have been "disappeared" – at least 5,676, mostly Tamil, according to the UN.

Trincomalee – or "Trinco" – was shelled by both sides during the conflict, with horrors visited upon its people. You are welcome."We got stuck behind a fisherman cycling in huge waders. As Suresh bounced us through town, we saw a crash: a motorcyclist carrying a nine-foot ladder lost control of his cargo, wiping out a rider behind him, an unhappy-looking fellow with a long moustache.

Its best hope comes from individual MPs fighting for its passage.Such a point of view would give abortion a unique status: a medical procedure wherein the doctor offers no consultation or opinion whatsoever.Given the complex physical and psychological dimensions to abortion, that opinion is either naïve or wicked.Obviously pro-lifers hate gendercide, but so, too, do a significant number of feminists. First, because permitting the gendered abortion of female foetuses implies some tolerance of the notion that girls are worth less than boys.We wouldn’t accept discrimination in the workplace, the classroom or even the army – so why the womb?

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Here’s one: you shouldn’t abort a baby just because it’s a girl. I really shouldn’t have to explain why, but here goes…