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When the first iteration of Kinect headed to the market in 2010, Microsoft's Dennis Durken suggested to investors that the peripheral might pass data to advertisers about how you look, play, and speak.

I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. The concept of uploading group self-taken photographs to the internet, although with a disposable camera and not a smartphone, dates to a webpage created by Australians in September 2001, including photos taken in the late 1990s (captured by the Internet Archive in April 2004).

"And when someone is staring at you, you have to notice." But will you notice a fixed camera in your living room that's always listening?

This isn't the first time Microsoft has dealt with privacy issues related to Kinect.

To fulfill that goal, the company will ship the new Kinect — its motion-sensing and listening peripheral — with every Xbox One.

The new console uses the new Kinect for just about everything: switching between games, movies, web browsing, and live television, all of which can be done with voice commands.

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