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This is extremely frustrating and expensive especially when it involves money e.g. If e-mail recipients deny receiving your e-mail, it is easy to see if the tag was picked up. I use web based email, like Hotmail (now called Outlook, not to be confused with the older program Outlook/Outlook Express), Gmail and Yahoo mail.ordering goods and making sales not to mention pissed-off family members. I just looked into MSGTAG and unfortunately, it doesn't work with them. People are now aware that they are being held accountable for knowing (or doing) whatever was in the email. I liked it when we could receive "your email has been read" receipts."The cheque is in the mail" has already worn thin and is, for the most part, not believed so how could a "but I sent you an e-mail! As a result, when they are "caught" not knowing something, or not doing something, they are claiming "I never received that email! To be able to diagnose the problem, I would need to know your email client ie: Outlook, Your ISP's email client, or address, Thunderbird, or one of the others. More and more the security updates to spam filters or the outlook junk folder is catching the emails that are legitimate so I always check it to make sure it's only spam. I use a program called MSGTAG, which is available in free and paid versions.Our campus considers parents or other emergency contacts as “appropriate parties” to be notified in emergency situations.For instance, if a student living in a residence hall is transported to a hospital due to a life-threatening situation, every reasonable effort would be made to notify the appropriate individuals as soon as possible.

If the problem is indeed with your computer, and not with the email client you use.

This is a brand new computer from then I also don't use any spam filters and I personally go through every email. It is possible that your recipients are missing the emails, even though they come in.

It is easy to do if you are getting a lot of spam or if you use a spam filter. If anyone ever tells me that they never received an email I can re-send it and I even have the information about when it was originally sent. If your email account has been compromised and used to send out spam or viruses there is a distinct possibility that your email address has been blocked by some recipients or their service providers. If this has happened you may find it easiest to get a different email address.

Some colleges and departments may maintain records separately.

A list of colleges and departments which have separate records, their location, and person responsible for the record may be obtained from the office of the dean of the college in which the department is located. The privacy of all records may be broken at a time of emergency defined by the following considerations: Prior consent to disclosure of information from student education records will not be required when notice is made to appropriate parties in connection to an emergency, where knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or individuals involved.

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