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No credit card required adult sex site

Too many banks around the world are just validating a credit card number without the secondary and third layer security systems of validation for payment.

Some customers drop the issue there, as they get embarrassed and the amount is small.Then all credit card numbers, those valid and not valid automatically get approved.As you push these numbers, the rejected ones are tossed out and successful numbers are then billed a small monthly charge. Hoping that the credit card holder will not check his total bill, item by item. Usually, a credit card holder does not check thoroughly the billing, or in some cases the explanations are not complete enough from the bank statement.They then form a quickie company which will last anywhere from 3 months to a little less than 1 year as an intermediary collection agency.What follows is based on slack banking rules and lack of security checks by banks. There are in some countries services that also allow for validity checking of credit cards. You then form a collection agency (Corporation) for credit cards.

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E-mails come by unsolicited mail to email users, offering small business people a service to collect credit card billings.