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While each letter was unique, they all shared one thing – a deep sense of trust and affection for their four ‘best friends’ with whom they could chat, joke, laugh, share and open up to without judgement.Over the last 15 years, almost 800 episodes of SSMK have been aired and while the original team graduated, new friends have joined and the lively format has stayed largely unchanged.

Although young people don’t tend to write letters anymore, the program hosts still receive 1000’s of SMS, emails and Facebook messages every month and the ‘letter section’, where the hosts talk about the different issues raised by listeners, is still a very popular part of the show.

Nothing, that is, except the lively tune and welcoming voices of four friends chatting on a Saturday afternoon.

Whether you find them by tuning a radio set, listening through a mobile phone or stream on the internet, the voices of the (SSMK) hosts have been there, without fail, every weekend since the program first went on air in April 2001.

As Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (Chatting with my Best Friend) celebrates 15 years on air, how has one radio show captured the hearts and minds of so many Nepali youth for so long?

Gemma Ferguson reports on SSMK’s 15 If you were to ask anyone what has changed in Nepal over the last 15 years, the list would be long and dramatic – the end of a civil war, the end of a monarchy, the rise in digital technology and social media, an explosion of FM and community radio stations – it seems that nothing has stayed constant.

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Binita Shrestha, one of the early hosts, remembers the feeling that everyone in the production team had after airing that first episode: “Everyone had been planning and training and preparing for that moment for so long and suddenly it was here, SSMK was on air. We knew there was nothing else on the radio produced by youth for youth – but we had no idea if young people would actually want to tune in As an artist, I completely forget about my popularity, my life partner Dhumu and engulf myself deep in the character of a SSMK drama.

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