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It doesn't try to insult the viewer either with a dumb twist ending.Not that their bad, we just don't need them all the time.It is not necessary to match the power available to the size and weight of the train, as each unit is capable of moving itself.As units are added, the power available to move the train increases by the necessary amount.

Driving controls can be at both ends, on one end, or none.

Unknow to him, the dog is being stalked by another escaped creature thats not quite so friendly. By the time the movie was greenlighted, the Writer's Guild Strike hit and Haggis refused to do any further writing on the movie during the strike.

Production was passed to Canadian producer Damien Lee who rewrote the script. The problem seems to be that a lot of loyal fans of the book were angered by all the changes made in this movie adaption.

Then I found out Michael Ironside was in it and decided to risk the dollar and thirteen cents. He seems to be at his best when he is playing villains, like he did in "Total Recall" and "Highlander 2." The film is well directed and it moves at a very fast pace. You don't really see much of it thought, other then a flash of hair, or and arm coming out of the roof or something.

You start to see the whole thing during the ending climax at the cabin, which by the way I thought was pretty exciting. It is fast-paced and it doesn't fall apart at the end like many horror movies do.

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They may also be referred to as a railcar or railmotor, depending on country.

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