Jap latest sexchat app

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Jap latest sexchat app

So here’s how it works: The app gives users free voice calls on i OS and Android over 3G, 4G and Wi-fi, along with free messaging. To bridge the language gap between users in different Asian countries, Line offers a translation engine that handles English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean if you invite a translator bot to your chat room.

It also has profiles that look like Facebook’s Timeline with a big photo and tiny profile image up top.

One is infrared (赤外線) data transfer (for swapping contact information quickly) and the other is QR codes.

While the i Phone doesn’t have infrared capabilities, you can get this app which will whip up a QR Code containing your contact information for someone with a traditional Japanese mobile phone to scan (don’t worry, Japanese mobile phones are light-years ahead of current i Phone apps for being able to successfully decode QRs).

NHN hasn’t released really recent numbers on the app’s financial performance, but in July, it was pulling in about 300 million yen or .75 million per month in sticker sales.

Since then, four months have passed so the numbers are higher now.

Like the messaging app Beluga, which Facebook acquired, Line hashes the contacts in your address book, easing sign-ups for new users in the future. The plan is to make Line more of a global player, with marketing outside of Asia next year, and to use it as a platform for launching premium services like games, music and novels.

Line’s current numbers and ambitions have prompted Japan’s biggest competitors to respond.

“People were not able to communicate with telephones or e-mail services from mobile carriers and we wanted as many people as possible to carry out a conversation,” said Jun Masuda, who is the chief strategy and marketing officer for NHN Japan.

The company is a subsidiary of Korea’s NHN, which runs the country’s Naver portal and search engine. ) Users can buy special emoji, called “stickers” that have everything from teddy bears juggling eggplants, to bunnies with flames of anger in their eyes, to a shy balding man surrounding by little sparkles and flowers.

Line has the potential to be a very serious messaging player in Asia and globally — if it isn’t considered one already. There are actually characters in the app (see left) like a moon person, a bear and a guy names James who is so handsome that he blinds himself when looking in the mirror.

De NA, a .2 billion company best known for being one of the countries’ two biggest mobile gaming players, recently launched its own app Comm, which also offers free calls and chat.

“We thought that in 2012, many different players were going to enter this market like Yahoo, De NA, GREE, Mixi and Tencent,” Masuda said.

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