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A perfect excuse to get Leo Domenico in his hotel room, alone.

Continue reading They don’t come any more English than the devilishly handsome Jonny Kingdom.

Kayden Grey is quick to notice the new recruit and decides to put him through his paces a little bit, an introduction as to what this gym is REALLY like.

Continue reading Kayden Gray places his hand over Alexis Belfort’s.

Flys undo and the throbbing cocks come out, wanking with slow determination, Bruno bashing his knob on the steering wheel…He has a chat with the handsome owner and a tour of the new facilities available to him.It’s the middle of the day and the gym is quiet, just one other guy training hard.Continue reading We’ve all picked up something a little extra when we’ve been out shopping, right?Well Kayden certainly got more than he bargained for when he went to his local sex shop!

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There’s no telling whether the bloke stood next to you at the urinal is simply having a piss or is there for something more.