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But France never managed to sell the Minitel technology abroad.The US took a great interest in the French invention in the 1980s but declined to buy it. To all but the stubborn French, the future of information technology was personal computers linked, internationally, by the servers and search engines which created the web.The mushroom-coloured box has become an emblem of France's struggles with a globalised, and allegedly Anglo-Saxon dominated, world.It has often been argued that the obsession of the French state with the Minitel impeded France's conversion to the internet.The surprise is that the network has lasted so long.

At the end of this month, Minitel will finally go offline, ending a brave experiment in French exceptionalism.

There was even an abbreviated Minitel language, rather like "text speak", such as "slt, té ki? )But Minitel, compared with the web, had many limitations. The imminent demise of the Minitel has produced a surge of reminiscences on the early days of the service. Gerome Nox, a veteran male French pop musician, admitted this week to the newspaper Libération that he had in a previous life been "Julie", an "animatrice" or hostess on one of the first Minitel text-sex lines. It was to the point and crude." After a while he realised that "my Julie" had become "disagreeable, wicked and odious".

Few women wanted the work, he said, so most of the "hostesses", paid the equivalent of £2.50 an hour, were men."(The clients) were like a shoal of starving piranha fish," he said. He announced online that he was a man "whose job is to inflate all your phone bills. It is less known that beneficiaries of this early text-sex were conservative, regional newspapers.

Even today, some French people still insist on the superiority of Minitel over the internet.

There is a Facebook group calling for a "return to the Minitel".

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