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If you desire to edit your image in Photoshop or other image editing software (crop, adjust contrast or colors, resize) or print it, then you might want to output it as a single (potentially huge) image file.

Click File and then "Export stitched image to ..." and then either TIFF or RAW. Efx has the same great features as Stitch, and additional features that can help make edits and adjustments to your images, resulting in high quality images, give you better control of results, and save you time.

There is a "More Stitch Notes" button that will tell you a number of facts about your gigapan, such as the number of images that went into it, when it was shot, camera zoom and exposure information, estimates of the field of view of the panorama, and its total size in pixels.

With the Stitch application on the "Show Panorama" tab, you are in a 3D viewer that displays a perspective projection that changes as you pan, tilt, and zoom around the scene.

Once you have started stitching, even before the preview image appears (i.e.

The amount of additional disk space used by Stitch is typically about 50% of the size of the input images, if your input images are JPEGs.

If you save to a gigapan named "beach", say, general information (metadata) about your panorama is saved to the file beach.gigapan, and your stitched result image will be stored (broken up into perhaps thousands of small "tile" files) in a folder called

Efx) If you are satisfied with the panorama as viewed in the stitcher view, you can upload immediately to Giga!

Simply select the "Upload" tab (if you haven't already, you need to have your free account activated at Giga

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Breaking the image into tiles is what allows the Stitch software and the Giga Pan web site to load and browse your panorama so fast.