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All that is known so far is that he lives in the USA and that he was born on 29th March, 1988.

Characters who are not original usually retain the personality they have from the series they belong to.He stated that his first name is Jonathan in Episode 1 of Jade. Noble has one cat as a pet, who he has mentioned on occasion, especially when he's talking about catgirls in games and anime, in which he would make jokes about his cat.The first time his cat has ever been seen in his video, to confirm its existence, is in the video "GET ALL WAIFUS – Finale – Noble Goes to Japan III (Fan Game)" in which Noble moved the camera over to view his cat laying on his bed. Noble has full playthroughs of every single Sakura game on his channel and credits his Sakura Spirit Let's Play as the reason for his channel's success.The Sakura games are all Visual Novels, games that are essentially picture books with some of them having 'Choose Your Adventure' elements that give you an ending based on the choices you made. Noble's longest running series is on the Visual Novel, Princess Evangile.The early chapters of the game were uploaded to Youtube, before having to stop temporarily due to a C&D by the developers of the game, Manga Gamer.

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