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Gaining information from Sarah on the victims' backgrounds and the nature of their deaths, Tom provides suggestions as to what sin the victims may have violated; Sarah would begin to employ this approach herself without Tom's assistance in later episodes.Just as Tom declared himself "the Lord's messenger" in a 1988 police interrogation video after murdering Sarah's parents (seen in Episode 1), he believes in the present day that the new Executioner has become a self-appointed deliverer of "Biblical" punishment towards those he or she believes have committed one of the seven deadly sins in their past, employing methods that are apropos to the individual natures of the deadly sins.The injury sent Ada into a coma she has never awoken from.Five years ago, Trent and June were driving their ambulance back to the hospital to sign out of their EMT shift.

Not wanting to have the show's killer be "a mythological creature" (as he feels the killers in most slasher films do not have much mystery surrounding them), Martin also uses elements of the traditional whodunit in Slasher: The show's characters, many of whom have mysterious backgrounds — and their own reasons for possibly being the killer — are featured, explored, and eliminated from consideration, one by one (either through death or the natural deductive process), until the "all too human" killer and their motivations for their actions are revealed. It was in that house on Halloween Night 1988 where both of her parents, Bryan and Rachel, were murdered.

Sometime after Trent and June left Ariel on the night of her disappearance, an off-duty Iain picked her up in his car.

Telling Ariel she should sober up first, Iain drove past the Peterson home, later pulling to the side and raping Ariel.

After Sarah discovered the remains of Verna's husband, Peter, in Episode 2, Allison theorizes that Verna killed Peter years earlier after she discovered he and Rachel (Sarah's mother) were making sex tapes.

Though it was shown that Justin used cocaine prior to his death, Sarah is initially confused as to why he would be punished for gluttony (his ingestion of rat poison is a twist on a glutton's punishment of being forced-fed rats).

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Bryan states the moment will be kept between the three of them, but gets Tom to admit his love for Rachel.

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