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Jon O'Brien of Allmusic described "About a Girl" as a "gloriously sassy uptempo Lady Gaga-esque number that stands up next to the best of their back catalog", and named it the "one saving grace" from the album.

Group member Berrabah commented upon their satisfaction with the song's performance in the UK, saying: "We didn’t do any promotion for the new single and it still came in at number eight.

The song peaked at number eight on the UK Singles Chart, number four on the Scottish Singles Chart, and inside the top twenty on the Irish Singles Chart. The music video for the song was filmed in September 2009 amid the group's controversial line-up change.

It was directed by Martin Weisz and filmed at Vasquez Rocks, near Los Angeles.

You can’t talk about dating apps without mentioning Tinder.

It’s ubiquitous; ingrained into current western culture in the same way as Nando’s and Uber.

Pure, which has been described as 'bringing Seamless to the bedroom', offers sex on-demand by simply asking users their gender and the gender of their preference, whether they can host and then shows them potential partners who answer 'Okay' or 'No Way'.

Ewen's stunt double begins fighting with another man outside of the caravan, and he also is defeated.

Later in the video, the businessmen are seen tied together on the ground and the stunt double throws the briefcase, which turns out to be a jack in the box.

At the end of the video, the stunt doubles re-enter the vehicle and drive out of the desert.

Millions of people, two thirds of whom are apparently men, now use their smartphones to find that special someone.

As a result, the proliferation of love/hookup tools over the past two years has been frankly astounding. With so many to choose from, each offering their own intriguing if slightly odd take on making love happen through the waves of an i Phone, it’s hard to know how best to get it on.

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The app was set up by three Parisians - Fabien Cohen, a legal hacker, Didier Rappaport, a serial entrepreneur, and Antony Cohen, a computer engineer.