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The researchers conducted multiple studies with over 4,000 participants, who were recruited mainly through the my Personality Facebook app.The app asked Facebook users to take a selection of psychology-based questionnaires, the results of which they could place on their profiles for other users to see.This technique is a form of therapy whereby the patient is encouraged to use the power of their imagination to help them through difficult times, including through depression and bipolar episodes.By integrating hip-hop into psychotherapies, they believe psychologists can refine their tools to make these more relevant to their users.In fact, we can see in the lyrics many of the key risk factors for mental illness, from which it can be difficult to escape.

The researchers then looked more in-depth and found those who scored high on empathy preferred music that had low energy (gentle, reflective, sensual, and warm elements), or negative emotions (sad and depressing characteristics), or emotional depth (poetic, relaxing, and thoughtful features).Researchers over the past decade have argued that musical preferences reflect explicit characteristics such as age and personality.For example, people who are open to new experiences tend to prefer music from the blues, jazz, classical, and folk genres, and people who are extraverted and agreeable tend to prefer music from the pop, soundtrack, religious, soul, funk, electronic, and dance genres.They have already taken their project to Mama Stones Exeter-based nightclub, lecture halls, the Oxford University African Caribbean Society, Cambridge Festival of Ideas and Pint of Science, and had an extremely positive response from the hip-hop community, with artists such as Juice Aleem and Inja offering their support.Weve had an enormous response from the global community, from patients, prisoners, and parents to artists and fans alike, says Inkster.

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Now, HIP HOP PSYCH, a new initiative aims to use hip-hop to help improve peoples mental health and to address issues including stigma towards mental illness and the lack of diversity within the psychiatric profession.