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The test is proctored (supervised by a faculty member or teaching assistant) because of three reasons – to ensure that only the student shows up to take the test, to ensure that you work alone, and to ensure that you are not using unauthorized resources such as the textbook, the internet, or your cell phone.With online proctoring, a company called Proctor U will use a live proctor to use your webcam to meet the same three objectives. Second, they will make sure that you work alone (they can see through your webcam if there is anyone else in the room with you).If you want to protect sensitive information from the proctor, keep these factors in mind.For example, you can create a separate account on your computer just for taking tests if you don’t want the proctor to have access to anything on your computer other than your web browser.We don’t want the SBA to become known as an easy way to get an A in online courses.

A: Follow the steps below before you take a test with Proctor U. Before you can start your test the proctor has to 1) authenticate your identity by asking you questions only you would know (these questions come from publicly available databases and are not stored by Proctor U, see more information) and 2) secure the testing environment. A: Proctor U does not allow phone calls to anyone because they can't verify the identity of the caller on the other end of the line.Using a fictitious name and a photo of an unknown young male, Miller assumed the persona of the young male, and through his “chat,” persuaded the minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct in front of active webcams.Miller watched and recorded the girls, and distributed at least some of the recorded footage to others.If you would like to see what data Acxiom has about you from public databases, click here.Q: What does Proctor U do with the information it has about me? It does not store any personal information about you.

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All online undergraduate courses offered by the School of Business Administration features online proctoring through Proctor U. This means that for tests and exams, a live proctor will use your computer’s webcam to observe you taking the test to ensure the integrity of the test.