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Pain impulses are conducted through the sympathetic afferent nerve fibers to the central nervous system.

As a symptom, angina is the intense pain itself, located beneath the breastbone and described as oppressive, vicelike, or squeezing.

By definition, the presence of one or more of these factors increases the risk of clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis.

While ischemia and infarction may, and often do, occur simultaneously, the scheme is somewhat oversimplified.

Even in its mildest forms, angina is a warning, a natural inducement for the patient to rest and prevent a recurrence of symptoms or even irreversible damage.The sensation noted in the neck is frequently described as choking; in the jaw, as a toothache; and in the arms, as a numbness or tingling sensation.Exertion Angina is usually brought on by some form of exertion, often walking uphill.There are four major features of the anginal process: Site, Character, Duration, Exertion The Anginal Pattern (Shaded Areas) Representative of Myocardial Ischemia Site The Levine sign, in which a clenched fist is held over the sternum, is the classic gesture that is indicative of myocardial ischemia.This discomfort is usually felt beneath the upper portion of the sternum, and it often radiates down the arms (usually the left arm) and up the neck, the shoulder, the jaw, and sometimes the back.

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That pain may be misinterpreted by the patient or even by the physician as indigestion, muscle pain, arthritis, or esophageal spasm.