We have compiled a Windows binary of the latest cc Miner 1.8 source code from github and you can download and try it for mining LBC from the link below.It is a 32-bit Windows binary compiled with VS2013 using CUDA 7.5 for Compute 2.0 to Compute 5.2 Nvidia GPUs, though it also works on Nvidia Pascal GPUs.

Below is a quick benchmark with a few Nvidia GPUs using this Windows binary as an idea to what you can expect in terms of hashrate for mining LBRY Credits.

The first Siacoin (SC) mining pool with Stratum support by Suprnova is now available in beta and you are welcome to give it a try and report your experience with it.

In theory the stratum support should result in further reducing the stale shares and improving efficiency, so if everything works fine you should be able to mine more coins for the same time.

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ccminer GTX 960 asic miner ccminer GTX 980 Ti Litecoin cloud mining ccminer windows CUDA 7.5 bitcoin cloud mining cloud mining Bitcoin (BTC) Scrypt ASIC cc Miner CUDA 6.5 Gridseed ASIC ccminer scrypt cloud mining CUDA 6.5 Genesis Mining Zeus ccminer GTX 970 ccminer GTX 980 bitcoin asic ccminer maxwell ccminer Titan X alternative cloud mining service ccminer lyra2re download westhash cc Miner Lyra2RE cc Miner Quark CUDAminer ETH Ethereum sp Gridseed scrypt Nicehash sp-mod Zeusminer ccminer GTX 750 tpruvot ccminer GTX 750 Ti ccminer spmod BTC cloud mining Lyra2REv2 ccminer CUDA 7.5 ccminer download While LBRY is still in Beta and you need to request an invitation in order to be able to get early access to the platform (currently only available for Mac OSX and Linux), people have been mining the LBRY Credits (LBC) for a while now on AMD via the dedicated sgminer fork or on CPU, but today tpruvot has updated his cc Miner fork (source) with the final 1.8 release that adds support for LBRY Credits mining on Nvidia GPUs as well.

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