We have had emails from other men who she as scammed taken money gifts from other men she as also had sex with some of these men in return for the money and gifts which to me makes her a prostitute.I have never met such a nasty evil person in my life, while in my home she was treated very well taken on three expensive holidays taken shopping with no limit letting her buy what she wanted.

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I can honestly say this girl was very evil speaking in a low sweet voice, horrid nasty scammer.

I would say to any western man stay clear for the Philippines.

The worst liars in the world evil nasty jealous and extremely maniplitive ppl. They scam and trick and leave you with a broken heart and empty purse.

I wrote with this lovely girl for two years and I sent her money for cellphone,food, hospital and a lot of other things.

She was so sweet and wrote me lovely letters and we talked in Sype.

Then I discovered she had other men (foreigners like me) who she wrote with. They are devils Some people here commented "all countries have these people". These comments are not written in arrogance, but in truthful disappointment.

a couple of them were really very old and nasty but she said she loved them and they were the only one. The reason this topic is HIGHLY associated with the Philippines is because it's true, my friends. These co-worker of mine told me,because THEY HAVE HARD LIFE IN OUR COUNTRY.

Of all the countries in the world the Philippines has the undisputed Lying, Cheating, Scamming, Thieving Champions of the entire planet.

Beautiful women who spread their charms and dupe millions of unsuspecting men, a cornucopia of any sexual deviation available making Thailand seem kindergarten-like in comparison.

Their Catholic values ensures their self-perceived insulation from guilt, their poverty drives it, their culture demands it. I have had one of these evil nasty jealous girls staying in my home.

My son met It did not take her long to get pregnant knowing he was a very successful good looking guy.